The Promise Keeper

Christmas reminds us we serve a God who keeps His promises. What He says He will do; it will be accomplished in His time and His way. If He says it, you and I can build our faith on the fact He is a never-failing God.

We see in the Christmas story more than enough “proof” of the fact that He is a Promise Keeper. The prophecies of old were one-by-one fulfilled as the virgin brought forth a son. A child born of the tribe of Judah, a descendant of David, born in the city of David. Isaiah said his name would be “God with us” centuries before the angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and was instructed to call His name Jesus.

Christian author/pastor, Max Lucado, wrote in a recent on-line devotional:

Our God is a promise-keeping God. Others may make a promise and forget it.

But if God makes a promise, he keeps it. Does God’s integrity make a difference?

When your daughter is on life support, it does.  When you are pacing the ER floor,

it does. When you are wondering what to do and you have to choose between faith

or fear; God’s purpose or random history; a God who knows and cares or a

God who isn’t there? We all choose.


Promised Land people choose to trust God’s promises. They choose to believe that

God is up to something good even though all we see looks bad. Press into God’s

promises. When fears surface, respond with this thought: But God said … And

when doubts arise, but God said… And when guilt overwhelms you, but God said...

Search the Scriptures like a miner digging for gold and trust the promises you find.

So as we go into this holiday season sometimes preoccupied with shopping lists and grocery lists and gift lists. . . Maybe we should make another list or two. Perhaps a list of promises He made and kept for you – prayers He’s answered just for you. Make another list of promises He is yet to fulfill. Let the promises fulfilled give you faith for the promises to come. Promises kept and faith for promises yet to be fulfilled are among the greatest gifts of the season.

Take time to remember what the season is about. . . the One who keeps every promise fulfilled the most important promises of all when He came from where He was to where we are. When He went away He left us with a book of Promises He stands waiting to fulfill in us. And, most importantly, He left us with a promise that as He came He will come again. He keeps His promises!