A Place In the Sun

I first noticed it as I hurriedly turned a corner, making my way on down the walk.  A tiny little plan t had sprouted in a very unlikely place.  Cradles in a crevice, shaded by the corner of the building and a small shrub, it had crowned itself with a frail little bloom.

“How did you get there?” I mused out loud, noticing the strange bend of its spindly stem.

Almost daily I watched as it struggled in its shady spot.  It strenuously pushed itself around the corner at an odd and difficult angle as it reached upward, ever seeking the sun.

Weeks passed.  Stems grew strong, leaves unfurled, blossoms multiplied.  With only its roots left in the shade, the little plant had found its place in the sun.  It transformed that corner.  Its bright orange flowers seemed to smile “sunshine.”  It became one of life’s little pleasures to me, and a lesson I won’t ever forget.

Everyone seeks a place in the sun.  So few of us are planted in ideal circumstances.  Often dwarfed and shaded by those around us, we struggle and bend and erach – hoping to someday bloom in transformation.  There is one thing that an help make the difference.  Everyone needs a place in the sun.  Light and warmth will draw out thehidden colors and fragrance dormant in the timid soul.

As I make my way in the world today, I want to help make a place in the sun for everyone I can.  I want to smile with approval at all efforts at growth.  I want to be careful that in my own growing I don’t crowd another into the shade of discouragement by comparison.  I want to radiate the warmth of acceptance for every attempt at blooming.

We have a lot of corners in our world that need transformation.  It can only be done as each of us find our place in the sun.

The Lord God is a sun…will give grace and glory…” (Psalm 84:11).