The Mockery Of Purple

They called Him “King.”  They tried to make Him look like one.  They even gave Him a crown.

What they called Him was a bad joke that was not funny.  They were playing and pretending with the purple robe, and the crowning was not only painful, it was humiliating.

By choice He was at their mercy.  The exhilaration of their own power gave them poor judgement of their attitude and actions.  Would it not have been enough to simply carry out the orders to get rid of Him?  Why taunt Him, teasing and humiliating?  A beating and an old coat to send Him on His way to rejection would have been enough.  Oh, but, no . . . they called Him something they didn’t mean, attempted to make Him appear more than what they really felt HE was, and they hurt Him.

“Why call ye me Lord, Lord – and do not the things I command?”

“If I, your lord and master…”

“Not every one that saith Lord…”

“Good master, what shall I do?”

To accept His death and resurrection and know Him as Savior is possible without recognition of Him as Lord and Master of my total life – attitude and actions.  The Bible refers to Him as Savior 34 times; as Lord over 400 times.

“They clothed Him with purple and plaited a crown of thorns, and put it about His head, and began to salute Him, ‘Hail, King of the Jews.’”

“And they mocked Him.”

A crown worthy of the King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords was not what they pressed into His brow.  Instead, it was a crown made of twisted and braided thorns, designed to bring hurt and draw blood from the brow of the one “honored” to wear it.  The robe He should have worn – royal and purple, rich in both color and fabric, was not placed upon His shoulders.  Instead, though purple in color, the robe they gave Him was a mockery of who He was and who they wanted Him to be.

Yet, the crown of thorns – the borrowed robe of purple – the stripes on His back – the cross that suspended Him between earth and heaven as if He belonged to neither – none of these things robbed Him of His true identity.  The sky became black, the earth shook – He died.  The crown, the robe, the mocking words all faded into history three days later when Jesus Christ stepped from that tomb – the resurrected Lord and Savior of the world.

He is King of Kings!  He is Lord of Lords!  He is alive!  Forevermore!