Do you believe a consistent study and understanding of the scripture is necessary for real spiritual growth?

Do you only quote, or do you take seriously the command to study to show yourself approved unto God, skillful in using the Word, as as to rightly understand it?

Do you know some part of your attitude, action, character, or disposition that has been significantly affected by your personal study of the scriptures in the past three months?

Are you presently involved in a consistent and continuing plan of Bible study by book, chapter, or subject?

Are you a milk-fed Christian, almost totally dependent on spiritual nourishment previously digested by a preacher and hand fed to you?

Are you serious about your personal responsibilities to study the Bible?

To talk about our dependence and love and respect for the Bible and to not be actively involved in personal Bible study is hypocritical.  In our rush of religious activities, meetings, and specialized church-related responsibilities we must not let personal Bible study become a treasure of the past.  Jesus had a scathing rebuke for religious people who spoke higher than they lived in Matthew 15:7-9.  God honors His Word.  He will honor those who study it, know it, and apply it to their lives.

We need and want the preached Word.  It is necessary and needful.  However, the preached Word does not eliminate the necessity of personal Bible study.

Look at what is promised in a few short verses through “knowledge”:

II Peter 1:2 – Grace and peace are multiplied through knowledge

I Peter 1:3 – All things that pertain unto life and godliness – through knowledge

II Peter 1:4 – Great and precious promises to become partakers of his nature – through knowledge

II Peter 1:5 – Add to your faith, virtue (resolution or worth) and knowledge

II Peter 1:6 – Temperance will follow knowledge

II Peter 1:8 – Knowledge should produce fruit

II Peter 1:9-14 – You will not fall – will have an abundant entrance – if you act on knowledge

Luke 4:4 tells us:  “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.”  Begin a study now of a subject in the scripture, a character study, one or a group of the epistles, the Acts, the Gospels, the Psalms or Proverbs, the Old Testament history books.  Be consistent.  Study at one sitting only as much as you can mentally and spiritually comprehend.  Study to know the facts – meditate to know how to apply it personally.

Will you make personal Bible study part of your daily routine?

Verbalizing without actualizing is hypocritical and dangerous.