Faith at Floodstage

Life, with its varying seasons, brings floods as surely as it brings sunshine.  Sometimes we watch as the pressure slowly builds – a rising tide – accompanied by an inner dread – and we find ourselves overwhelmed.  At other times, it is the sound of a cell phone buzzing – the ding noting an incoming text message – that brings us from peaceful and calm to storm-tossed with a single sentence.  A flash flood of emotion can easily overwhelm us.

As my husband says, we are both “north of eighty” years of age.  In my life’s experience I have weathered more than my share of floods and want to share some simple things I’ve learned.

First of all, I have an unshakable faith that personal commitment to the Lord is an absolute assurance of final victory.  This means I know that ultimately I will be all right.  I know I will make it through.  It is a steady anchor even when it is thrown far out into the future.

Martha spoke for all of us when she reasoned that Jesus could have prevented the tragedy in her life, and that ultimately her brother would experience resurrection .  However, that faith in the future was not much comfort to her in the here and now.

Facing the problem squarely urges me to leave what I cannot do to God.  This simple decision breaks the paralyzing fear and dread.  It releases me to say, “I am in a flood” and reach for  my life preserved – God’s unsinkable Word – and move forward through the floods of now.

Joshua instructed the children of Israel at a floodstage in their history.  He said, “Come to the brink of the water – stand still in the river – hear the words of the Lord.”  The downstream waters were so threatening they stood up in a heap.  Hearing the Word of the Lord and acting on it releases the power of faith so that the getting through isn’t as bas as the fear and dread that immobilizes us.

Faith is essential at floodstage.  The Word is forever settled, unshakable, unsinkable.  Find a promise in the Word and if you will hold on and keep moving your now will become your yesterday.  Having seen waters stack up like a wall make it easier to believe walls can fall.  Joshua and Israel went from floodstage at Jordan to see the walls of Jericho come tumbling down, ever walking in faith in God’s Word.