Plus or Plush

Where is the line between a self-centered lifestyle and a self-giving one?  Jesus taught, “If they take your coat in court, give them your cloak also.  If they compel you to go the extent of one mile, go two.  Give to those who ask and don’t ignore that that would borrow” (Matthew 5:40-42).  The world is full of people who would abuse a disciplined Christian sincerely trying to live this to the letter.

Yes, the instructions are given.  They are followed with further instructions that we hear about more often, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you…”  These are all imperatives of the Christ-like life.  However, if we have trouble fulfilling the latter imperative in our everyday lives, we may be guilty of almost totally overlooking the “two mile” concept of Christian behavior.

We need to examine ourselves to see if we are living a “two mile” life style.  Whenever I have completed my delegated responsibility of Christian service, I have not concluded my total responsibility.  Whatever is required of me should only be the seed bed for the greater fruit of “plus” service.

You can live the “one mile” concept with the attitude of “I have done my job” and have life a little more plush for yourself.  Or, you can choose to live the plus way – the way of two-mile service.  Which would the Master choose?