Rotate the Crop

Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with the negative side of a truth we almost forget the possibility of the positive.  A glass may be half empty – or is it half full?

The dreaded truth of reaping what we sow often stirs our minds to nothing but negative thoughts.  But the same law of sowing and reaping is true in a positive sense.  For example:  If you withhold judgment and condemnation and sow a good crop of forgiveness, you will reap a good harvest (Luke 6:37-38).

What do you do about those bad seeds you have already deposited in life?  We know that eternal consequences can be changed, but often earthly consequences cannot.  This can be a fearful outlook.  An old farmer once sat in a class I was teaching when this subject was being discussed.

“Well, it seems to me,” he said, “about the only hope some of us have its to get on with rotating some crops in a hurry.”

Dark clouds seemed to part and bright rays of hope broke through to all of us on that day.

If you can’t destroy a bad crop that is coming up, you can get busy planting a bigger – better – good crop.

And what you sow you will reap!